Strategic Focus

Succession Planning
& Restructuring
Succession planning is a key issue for businesses of all sizes. Identifying in-house talent to train into a future management team can be problematic. A high level of responsibility and commitment is required in order to run a business and few staff may have the appetite for this. Recruiting management from outside, on the other hand, can bring with it issues relating to resistance to change and work culture.

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Funding Support
To achieve your business aims well-structured and sufficient finance is required at all stages of the business cycle. Ensuring you have access to the necessary funds when required is essential to achieving your objectives. One of the most common causes of business failure is badly structured or inadequate finance. We are able to help our clients raise funds, on suitable terms, so that they can continue to build their business.

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Business Consultancy
& Forecasting
It goes without saying that, as accountants, we understand the importance of business planning. Whatever stage a business has reached, having a clear strategy for moving to the next level is crucial. Our role in facilitating this process is to bring clarity, coherence and direction in helping our clients define their future strategic goals - both from a business and personal perspective.

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Business Sales
& Valuation
Improving your competitive position in the marketplace through an appropriate merger or acquisition requires professional help in a variety of areas in order to successfully achieve your goals. Similarly, when disposing of a business it is imperative that you know at the outset how and what you are intending to achieve at the end of the process. Determining the appropriate structure of a business sale or acquisition from the beginning is vitally important.

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