Kingscott Dix is proud to be one of the first accountancy firms in the region which is licensed to carry out non-contentious probate work. This exciting development means that we can now support you and your family through the probate process as and when the need arrives.

Prior to a change in the law in 2014, only solicitors and banks were able to carry out probate services. In many cases their fees were based on a percentage of the deceased’s estate, which could amount to tens of thousands of pounds. As a result of the change in law we can now carry out the probate and estate administration process for you.

Why choose Kingscott Dix to administer your estate on death?

  • If you’re a client of ours, whether on a personal or business level, we are already aware of your personal finances. Accessing your financial information will be quick and straightforward for us to do, thereby reducing time and costs.
  • We’re likely to be aware of your previous tax liabilities and what plans have been made to mitigate future tax burdens; again saving time and money spent when trying to determine this information.
  • If we have been involved in the setting up of trusts or IHT planning strategies, we can now work with you to implement these.
  • Our fees are very competitive compared to banks and solicitors. Our fees are based on the actual time involved in completing the probate process for you, rather than on a percentage of the estate.

Going through probate and administering the estate can be overwhelming, particularly at a time when family members are still coming to terms with their loss. Our experienced directors and staff can take this administrative burden away, enabling the process to be conducted in a timely, professional manner so that the distribution of the assets can take place as quickly as possible.

If your family or friends have to oversee the probate process for a loved one we can help them too, even if they use another firm of accountants who aren’t licensed to carry out probate work. Your friends and family will still receive a personal, sympathetic service at a competitive price.

We pride ourselves on being able to take care of all your accounting, financial and taxation affairs throughout the course of your life. Our starting point is to create your personal balance sheet, to establish the value of your assets and to identify what steps can be taken to limit your future tax liabilities, either within your lifetime or as part of an inheritance tax planning exercise.

Our probate and estate administration service is just one area we can help you to maximise your wealth and help you and your family keep more of what you have earned.

Contact Mark Spashett on T: 01452 520251 or email  for more information.

More details about our probate services can be found here.